Some people would just believe anything. A prime example of this are patrons of Philip Stein watches.
The Philip Stein collection consists of watches that can tell the time of 2 places (perfect for hols!) and looks more or less like the two above alternating between black and white screens, varying degrees of diamonds and different color and type of bands. There really don't look too bad!!
Apart from that, they also produce bland looking bracelets like this one above. But the design are not the main attraction of these watches (well not entirely anyway).

The main attraction Philip Stein watches is in fact the two teslar technology chips from the States, which supposedly helps the body resist against external negative electromagnetic forces emitted from mobile phones, computers, tv's etc. leading to more restful sleep, less tension, improved concentration, increased levels of energy and an overall improvement in well-being. The teslar chip does this by combining the two electromagnetic field from the battery and the movement of the quartz to create a third magnetic field which consequently leads to all these wonderous effects for the wearer (yup those two metally things shown above).

When I heard this, it was a strain for me to keep a straight face, because seriously, the idea is laughable! Its like how people put weird ionic devices into their drinking water thinking that it will increase their lifespan. But at least the water is consumed. The watch is only worn (ideally on the left hand for more "effect"). I admit, I haven't been through all the scientific information they claim they have to prove their theory, but I highly doubt 2 metal chips made from the USA emitting special "signals" will make me calmer and give me better sleep. And those people who claim that it has- well I think it is probably all in the head. Nevertheless, these Philip Stein watches have been widely popular these days in the women watch world (at least in my country it is) and are rushing to depart with $1000USD (and above)for one. Some people would believe anything.