I've been very into eye makeup recently, and have been on search for a good eye shadow palette and a strong black eye shadow for awhile. While I was strolling around the beauty section of department stores in San Francisco, I suddenly saw this GORGEOUS pair of eyes and got very excited!

This poster is for the new Lancome Fall 05 color collection, Rose Mystere by Gucci Westman featuring Drew Barrymore, (who is a good friend of Westman's.) Gucci Westman is the Lancome International Artistic Director and has done the makeup of a few fashion shows including Behnaz Sarafpour, Roberto Menichetti and J. Mendel.

The collection supposingly "brings the romance elegance and intrigue of Victorian era opulance to life." And for once, I actually agree with the description of the product! The makeup collection is most definately one of the best this season and worth buying.

I bought the Velvet Diary -Vanite at the end. The saleslady applied the 'Drew Barrymore eye' on me, and it looked absolutely divine! This very artisitic eye is actually not hard to recreate and will look great for evening looks. I've been wanting the seductive, smoky eye look for ages, and this palette will really let me experiment with a range of smoky eyes.

Or if you get bored of the Drew eye, you can create lighter eyes with the four colors: deep berry, metallic rose, sparkling black and glimmering silver. Just use less black for a daytime look. This limited edition velvet diary also comes in another range of colors (soft peach, irdescent green, sable brown and dark brown,) called Secret. So if you're looking for a new evening look, go ask a Lancome saleslady to try it on for you! (and buy the Velvet Diary of course!)