Having been inevitably drawn to this completely stylish and chic Gucci ad below, I naturally could not resist but look into their fall/winter 05-06 collection. . .

. . and came across Le Pelle Guccisima, their new accessories collection! For this collection, they used an ancient hot stamping technique to stamp their classic GG logo or horsebit motif (the other recently revived legendary symbol of Gucci) to create embossed effect. And after that there are a series of dyeing, refinishing steps done by hand resulting to a product that "only expert hands can make"-but with modern technology nowaday, I high doubt that. In fact I'm pretty sure that very good quality knock-off's are on their way as I blog.

But I digress. I think that the finished product of this new embossed effect is absolutely FABULOUS! I'm loving the subtle but still in-your-face-gucci-(to the fashionable and observant eye) effect of it. Like this one here. While the embossing technique makes the pattern harder to discern and the horsebit motiff having not been around for some time lends it some subtlety, to the observant and knowing eye of the fashionable it is still oh-so-Gucci.

Ditto for these boots. Love these boots. So sleek. So chic. So Gucci.