The other day, I was being very intellectual and watching this show on discvery channel about the sheep farmers in Scotland. And I must say, I am impressed!
Staring at the tv screen, it suddenly occured to me just how I wanted that farmer's jacket!sry I can't find a better pic of the sheep farmer's blazer. But I'm sure your imagination can supply the rest of the jacket.Of course, the farmer's jacket I had in mind is a bit more form fitting and feminine-like this one from Miss Sixty's FW05-06 collection. But they both have that victorian/equestrian style and the very this season "heritage" feel to it.
So copy the oh-so-fashionable farmer with this very old-english plaid blazer from American Eagle.

I'm also loving these cropped plaid pants from UO by Lux. Especially how they match it here with those boots! What great way to show off your boots?

Who knew that sheep farmers were so fashion forward?