Barneys Girl and I have always loved the clothes and the whole feel of Anthropologie. All the clothes look so lady-like, and they always have a trendy twist. But I must admit, even though I have in the past recommended Anthropologie clothes to you in my posts, I haven't actually been into an Anthropologie shop -that is until today.

First impresson? The clothes were very lady-like -and slightly old fashioned, and not in the chic way. Then I walked down to the basement level (of the San Francisco store,) and felt a sort-of-bohemian vibe. But at the same time, there was also this feel of desperate attempt to be Kate Spade sort of elegant.

Obviously, I was disappointed by Anthropologie. I think the shop lacks a focus theme thus has a confusing atmosphere. The clothes were just as expensive as I had expected, except I had expected better quality clothes.

But I'm not an overly picky shopper. In my desperate attempt to buy something (so I would remember I have been into Anthropologie,) I managed to find this top in the sale section.

Not bad for $29.95 huh? But anyhow, I don't think I will go back to Anthropologie for a long time.