I just got 2 of wisdom teeth pulled out. ouch. Scariest experience of my life. Now, I'm currently sitting on my bed recovering from the aftermaths of such a traumatising experience (plus i refuse to be seen in public with a swollen left cheek). sigh. The burden of having too much wisdom. So when my laptop runs out of batteries and I can no longer blog and surf the net, I spend many leisurely hours reading. Just now, I finished reading "The Right Address" by Carrie karasyov and Jill Kargman.

I had high hopes for this book, for it came highly recommended by a fashion magazine and had a really cool looking cover. But alas, one apparently cannot judge a book by its cover. I suggest that anyone with half a brain not insult there own intelligence by reading this book.

The basic plot of this book is about how a few very wealthy but harebrained New York upper east-siders finally realise that their life is already marvellous and there's no point getting depressed about nonsensical things like a crush on a wannabe, social acceptance and whatnot. Oh and of course the bad viscious gossips and blackmailing mistress also gets whats coming for them. Everything was wrapped up nicely. There is no one in this book any normal person can relate to. In fact, one wonders just WHAT these people thinking. There was no romance. Nothing of interest to fondly remember this book by. In fact I'm sure that after a few days, this will be a completely forgotten book. A mindless read.

Sigh, and I was hoping for something of the Bergdorf Blonde calibre! And I was so looking forward to the other book by these author, "Wolves in Chic Clothing" to shrink into a space saving paperback so I can buy and read it. Talk about being dumbed down. Anywho, I'm off to find a more intellectual pursuit (and my laptop is running out of batteries AGAIN).