The celebs at this year's Teen Choice Awards seems... younger, more teenage-y than usual. Gossip Girl, (a fun, girly show full of beautiful clothes) won six awards, although I don't understand why Blake Lively won both Choice TV Actress Drama and Choice TV Breakout Female. I like watching Leighton Meester's (Blair's) scenes so much more than Blake Lively's! And is Chuck really a villian? Anyway, back to the fashion there, this year's dresses were surpringly mature -maybe it's because of the floral and maxi-dress trend. So unlike the years before, there weren't really any shockingly ugly outfits.

My favourite outfit was Rachel Bilson's (even though I'm not sure what she's doing there.) I love the silhouette and colour of the dress! It's fun, bright and just so cute! The accessories -the shoes and earrings matched the dress so well too! Somehow she always wears the best little dresses!

Blake Lively's outfit is great too. The colour's vibrant and it also has the tulip-skirt silhouette that I like so much. Very young and trendy!

Oddly enough I'm not a fan of Leighton Meester's green dress. (Usually I prefer Leighton's outfits over Blake's.) The green looks good on her, but the silhouette just seems a bit mature. It's classy, but doesn't seem like it's a TCA dress. Plus the green blends in with the background too much!

Kristen Bell's outfit is so adorable! I love the colours and that skirt is such a perfect fit!
Not a fan of the print of Lauren's dress. It looks so messy.
Sophia Bush looks gorgeous as usual, and the dress is so pretty too. But it just seems so mature for a TCA show.
Hayden Panettiere's dress is my favourite long dress. The colours are so sharp and the dress just fits her so well.
Vanessa Hudgen's dress is young, classy but not particularly interesting.
Who wore your favourite TCA outfit this year?