When it comes to music players, I'm not exactly the most up to date girl around. My music players never break. My Sony MD player from back in the days when people knew what MDs were, still works. And thus, as the world moved on with colored screens, nanos, videos and touches, I was still using my ipod mini v2, with its measly 6GBs and black/white screen. After 3 years though, the battery in my mini finally showed signs of giving up and I can finally get a new one. After much debate between the pink nano (cute and adorable!) and the classic ipod (the itouch is too big, if I was going to get that, I might as well get an iphone....), I settled on the classic, figuring that I can outfit it however way I want- thus this post.
My first thought was just to get a regular silicon plastic case like the one I had for my mini-except maybe this time I'd be more "adventurous" and try a colored case instead, like these ones above. It comes in packs of three and I love ALL the colors in the packet- I can literally help my ipod change clothes like a Barbie!
But then, just as I was about to grab them and leave, this retro pink acrylic case caught my eye. A few days before, I wasn't even aware that ipod cases came in acrylic, until I saw my colleague's ipod encased in them. But then I thought, maybe it was time to try something new and fun, and this was definitely it. And that was how I ended up with this case. Once I got home, I googled up the reviews and concerns were raised. Apparently these acrylic cases don't exactly fit like a glove and will potentially scratch the very pretty, currently scratch free and pristine surface of my new ipod. The want to protect and keep it as clean and new as possible arose, but was quickly squashed by my mom's voice in my head going, "if you're not going to use it because you're worried it'll get dirty, then don't buy it." Words from a wise lady indeed. You might wonder why I didn't choose a gorgeous designer ipod case or one of those super cute ones that keep on popping up on Shiny Shiny- I'm of the opinion that designer ipod cases are unnecessary and that an ipod should look like an ipod and not disguised as a fluffy stuff toy. One ipod case I DID like from Shiny Shiny though, are these Griffin Reflect cases. They're basically mirrors encasing an ipod and when your screen it turned off, it too becomes an reflective surface! Perfect to double as vanity mirrors on the go!

What does everyone else use?

Image Source: Apple and Shiny Shiny