So we all know what we would love for V Day, but the bigger question is, what would HE like?? After much discussion with my friends, it seems like the key is practicality. So here are a few ideas:

The classic gift: Cologne. They all need to smell good right? The Armani Black Code for men comes highly recommended.

If he's not already on a skincare regime, show him you care and introduce him to one. He'll thank you when his skin is perfect.

Another classic, a watch. This one is from Tiffany's, nice huh? I didn't know they made such nice watches for men too.

Another safe buy, a Lacoste Polo. Smart and clean cut.

Something a little more personal, silk boxers with red hearts.

Something he'll REALLY LOVE, the Wii or Play Station 3 if you can't get your hands on Wii. Lol, I'd love a Wii too!
Personal but still practical, a personalised calendar from shutterfly. You can even mark down special dates!

Sweet and cute- customised M&M's or customized anything. You can even make your own customized cupcakes/cookies. Besides, they don't say that the way to a guy's heart is through their stomach for nothing ;)

And that is about all I can come up with so far. Anymore thoughts to share?

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