More fashion from New York!

Proenza Schouler
The designer duo made a fab collection, and it (thankfully) looked nothing like the recent collection they designed for Target. Most of the models wore hats, which completely covered the faces of most models, but it really makes you focus on the clothes.

I'm not going to go into their influences for this collection, but I feel the need to say how much I dislike the coats and jackets (like the one on the left above,) which are made of a few different materials. But I do like the combination of t-shirt and silk top with the wide-leg pants (in the photo on the right.) It's such a casual chic combo.

The thing that really caught my eye in this collections were the dresses. I love how it's sheer in some places, but there are ribbon-like fabric covering the chest and skirt area.

Vera Wang

At first glance, I really didn't like this collection. But on the third glance (such faith I have in Wang!), the collection really started to appeal to me. Even though the whole Russian theme seemed a bit FW04 to me, everything was so pretty and girly I couldn't resist.

Sigh, look at these slightly-babydoll-slightly-schoolgirl looks. They're soo adorable.

I just realised that two of the few Vera Wang outfits were modelled by Vlada (middle). She really suits this whole Russian babydoll look, doesn't she? Ooh, and I love that dress on her. It's so pretty how it's like an embelished t-shirt dress with extra details, like the see-through fabric around her arms.

I'm not usually a poka-dots fan, but the silver, polka-dot dress (right) looks fantastic. Wouldn't that be perfect for a cute dinner dress (maybe with a black cardigan over it)?

J. Mendel

I wasn't really interested in the whole J. Mendel collection, but a few of the dresses were really pretty in a simple, yet with some details way, (like the two above).

Zac Posen

Ahh, I'm not a big fan of Posen to be honest, esp those huge dresses of his. But I just realised that he designs amazing suits. I love the three looks below, all of which would be so perfect for a stylish working girl. Seriously, can you imagine going to work looking that fabulous?

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