Once a Scottish pattern used only by a few select fashion houses, this season plaids are all over the runway- and they're cooler than ever! Witness its transformation from boring old traditional pattern to fashion stardom this season:

First off, it was rocked up by Alexander McQueen on his runway, with clever draping, genius combos and rock on accessories. Of course, it also helped that Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing that dress (right) on the red carpet.Another fashion house that contributed greatly to the revival of the plaid is Balenciaga. The stark big plaid patterned combined with the strong silohuette of the collection is just genius, giving us a refreshing and sharp vision of plaid. I just LOVE this runway.

Even the traditional house of plaid, Burberry, gave us something different this season, combining these more typical plaid patterns into the Burberry look.

Another more funky and modern twist on the plaid by Luella. I love how she uses plaid for such unlikely designs and combinations and yet it still looks cool.

For something not quite so sharp and more casual and grungy, take a page from the Marc Jacobs runway. It looks so cool here on the runway. Although I cannot help but wonder if I'd be able to achieve the same effect with a table cloth and some expert knotting. . .

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Personally though I am not much for all out plaids. I prefer something more subtle. Hence my love for these looks from the Moschino runway- the dark subtle plaids and the clever designs is genius. There are also lots of variations of it, so much that I couldn't decide which to put up- so I decided to put them all up! These two here represent the more casual looks. I know, the skirt on the right is not subtle, but I just wanted to let you see the variety on the catwalk.

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These two are the more dressy looks. And my favourites!

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THE image that stuck in my head after looking at the Ralph Lauren FW06 runway was this absolutely divine plaid dress (right). The use of this shiny material is just perfect, adding an extra touch of glam to the already elegant design. A little bit more casual (but still glam) there is this cute shiny plaid dress from Zac Posen (left).