British Vogue is celebrating its 90th anniversary this month with an absolutely fabulous issue. This issue is no normal Vogue -it's more like a little history viewbook of the important things at Vogue from the 30s to now, including past...
  • Major contributors
  • Iconic models
  • Current events that Vogue reported on
  • Beauty style
  • Perfume

Dubbed 'Covers of Covers', this cover opens up to be a four page spread of past covers. With no sub-headings (what's in the magazine) or a clear cover shot, it certainly is one of the most daring mass market magazine covers I have seen in a long time. To find out which year each little cover is from, go check out

One of the things I loved about this issue is the art. It had elements of the old Vogue, such as illustrations (as the one seen above), and the modern Vogue. Even though I usually hate historical-looking things, the 'historical' things in this issue, such as reprinting pages from past issues of Vogue and an editorial comparing how the old and current editors dress, are so charming and interesting to read about.

For this fashion shoot, Vogue borrowed beautiful Vintage pieces:

In this photo, Gemma is wearing a tulip dress by Christian Dior By Yves Saint Laurent 1958, a skull sweater by Vivienne Westwood/ Malcolm McLauren 1975 and an Eighties heart-print top by Rachel Auburn.

And in this photo, Gemma is wearing a Givenchy 1963 gown (which is identical to one that Audery Hepburn wore), a jacket by Christian Lacroix 1988 and shoes by Manolo Blahnik 1994.

And since this is such an iconic issue of Vogue, of course there was a photo editorial with Kate Moss modelling. The theme of this editorial is 'The Clothes That Changed Our Lives', basically, the basics of our wardrobes.

Fashion companies congratulated Vogue by putting in a more-than-usual number of advertisements. Anyways, my point is, this issue is simply amazing and an obvious collector's item. If you're a true fashion lover, then you must own it!