Wow, this season's Project Runway has been eventful. All the designers have seen the low and the high, its difficult to predict who will win. In fact, I can't even decide who will be out next! I been able to see the whole collection, but from the few photos I've managed to find, we can but try to analyse the results.

Michael Knight
Of course, there is always the audience favourite Michael Knight. His designs are always so thoughtful, stylish and tasteful, I love him. While he will most definitely make it to the top three, I'm not so sure about his runway collection. I was disappointed. The collection looked very bling and borders on wild glam and tacky.

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The gold belt and the lace together just looks very trashy to me.
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Orange and prints is not exactly my thing, but I must say that it was all very well made, especially the dress on the left.
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And even though the wild prints are a bit too much for me, I do so love the design and shape of these two outfits. The silohuette of that dress is very elegant.

This is definitely different from what he showed us in the show. I wonder what the judges would say. . .

Uli Herzner
Another designer whose been on the top a lot, her runway collection continued to work the prints the Uli way.

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As usual, her dresses were pretty and fun.
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Although I really don't like these two. Combining these two prints just makes it look messy and the dress very beachy.

Overall it wasn't a very exciting collection. And since the judges did comment that they never saw anything different from Uli, she might very well be out soon.

Laura Bennett
Laura's been pretty mediocre all season with her signature elegant sophisticated look, until last episode with that cute little black dress (although I really didn't like the flyaways at the hem). Anyway, her collection on the catwalk was as usual very elegant and sophisticated.

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These two are good examples. The model on the right looks amazing. And the satin blazer looks elegant too, although it would have looked better without that bit of fluff coming out of her neck.

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Sometime it seems that Laura's attempts to be creative just goes all wrong. The bustier on the left looks gorgeous close up, but from afar it doesn' go very well with the rest of the dress. Especially the sheer skirt. And what is with the yellow belt on that lovely grey dress??

And please, take those feathers away!

Jeffrey Sebelia
Surprisingly, Jeffrey's collection was actually one of my favourites. It was actually fun, feminine and soft with just a hint of his rock star style.

Just as I said, soft, feminine and fun. Its adorable!

His hint of rock star style. I LOVE the dress and the blazer. They look so sharp and cool.

Although I'm not much a fan of these two dresses. I definitely see the potential in the black dress, but somehow the slit just does not compliment the model very well. And the red dress looks. . odd. I wonder if he'd suffer through the same problem as Daniel V and not have a very coherant and together collection.

Anyway, as you can see, it is really hard to decide who will go next. Uli, Laura or Jeffrey? Thoughts?

Oh and one more thing. Shouldn't they really just call it the final four since in the end four designers get to show their clothes at Olympus Fashion Week? I mean, the designer who is out still has to MAKE the collection for the show don't they?