London fashion week is always an interesting week for fostering new talent in the fashion industry. Their designs are almost always very innovative and different. Some are brilliantly fashion forward and some are just plain crazy. So lets see what surprise London has in store for us on day 1.

This is my favourite collection. Not only is this collection incredibly gorgeous, elegant and sexy, but they're also eco-friendly based on "clean" sources (fairly traded African organic cotton)!

The black dress is soo pretty and the black and white outfit is just hot!

Loving the ruffled neck. It looks sophisticated with the pencil skirt and pretty with the flared skirt. And doesn't the black patent belt work so well for these looks? Must get one of those!

Sophisticated cool dresses. I especially adore the silver dress on Lily Cole.

Peter Jensen
This was also a very interesting collection, on a very calming blue/grey palette (at the beginning anyway) Jensen gives an edgy twist the usual everyday clothes.

Love the casual chic outfit on the left. And the flared sleeve dress shirt and strapless dress combo is just unusual enough to be interesting but not weird.

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The way he wraps the fabric to create knots and folds is masterful, making these two outfits look sophisticated but intriguing.

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More interesting cute outfits. She looks adorable in that sparkly sweater and mini.

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Then he ended the show with these simple but not quite so simple black dresses.

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In general it was a very nice show, although he did have random atrocious pieces which I don't know what to make of like these. I can only attribute it to art. . .

Todd Lynn
Roland Mouret's right hand did not disappoint. Even though there were few female outfits, the few that were shown was exquisitely made and elegantly designed. The white tux on the left is just divine.

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Richard Nicoll
This collection was very off. Didn't anyone tell Richard that polka dots were so over? And even if he doesn't care and insists on polka dots, does he have to make his models look like clowns?

Danielle Scutt
One word: skanky. And believe me, this is already one of her less skanky outfits.