Giles Deacon's collection this season was awesome this season. His looks were so brilliant that I had a hard time picking out these few! His designs were modern, innovative and yet still very simple, chic and wearable.

As always, Deacon combines some kind of absurd (I can only assume to be) artsy thing on his model's head with his simple, lovely dresses. Last year it was a metal contraption so vivid that I remember it still. This year, it is these hairy afros. There was even one where the whole model was a ball of black fluff. I wonder how the model see's out of those things! Come to think of it, how does even know who the models inside these fluffs are to be able to name them?

Perfect example of his absolutely gorgeous simple dresses with just the right 'twist' on the strapless dress.

Pieces inspired by a subtle bondage theme. I love how it is so subtle that one can't even tell it is a bondage theme unless one looks closely. On first glance it just reminds me of the gold chain dress from Stella McCartney last year.

More examples of Deacon's brilliantly innovative yet wearable and flattering outfits.

Love the shape of these two outfits. The left is very Balenciaga and his reinterpretation of the kimino style is very neat (you should also check out the dress!).

Beautifully and perfectly constructed gowns.

Emporio Armani
Emporio Armani's debut in London was typical Emporio Armani. Based on a black, white and red palette, the designs were quirky, short and fun.

The three vertical circle detail is very uniting. And the belt is smashing. Even though the design is so simple, it pulls the outfit together perfectly and even adds a touch of something more to it. Apart from silver, patent black and red belts were also prevalent on this runway.

Quirky two shade blazers. And note the "knot" theme.

More fun, flirty and neat designs playing on the color contrast of red, white and black.

These four outfits are my favourite. The designs are all so cool, edgy and yet so elegant and clean cut, from a day at the office to a night out.

Oh and I just adore this royal blue color. It just looks so rich and regal!