Emma Cook
Emma Cook's collection is one of the most relaxed, yet still chic and feminine collections I have seen so far. The clothes are wearable and has a lot of subtle details. I especially like the two outfits on the third and fourth models below: A casual, long T-shirt-dress with funky black & white prints, and a chic white dress.
Paul Smith Women
Maybe Paul Smith has never been my style, but I didn't quite like this collection. Vogue.co.uk describes the collection as 'Girls will be boys,' but I thought it was more of a 'Girls will dress like grandpas' scenario. There are a lot of cool ways girls can dress up a bit like boys, but this collection was not it.

The pretty silk dresses at the end did make the show less boyish.

Christopher Kane
Newly graduated from London's Central Saint Martin and Kane already has his very own catwalk show. As if that's not impressive enough, he's also a consultant at Versace. I must say, I wasn't expecting much from such a young designer but I was very impressed after seeing this collection.

The first outfit made me think: I am so not going to like this designer. The orange is like, so tacky. But then as the bright, vivid-coloured outfits rolled out one by one, it all started to make sense.
There were a few neautral-coloured outfits in the middle of the show. I loved these! They are so funky and creative without being over-the-top.
All of Kane's outfit were strengthened by casual, utility-ish belts.

Oh, and even though I don't know if the shoes were actually made and designed by Christopher Kane, I adore all them!