In this day and age, slimming is of utmost importance to our generation. Not only does one look better in clothes slim, but its also healthier for us too. Hence people everywhere are desperately looking for ways to get thin- quickly and easily. That is why the slimming programs and products are thriving. How else does Victoria Beckham look so sickly thin?

My mom's friend recently bought this slimming belt from Osim for $199USD. It claims that it is all you need for slimming, toning, massaging or even indigestion. Basically it is a belt you wrap around your waist that vibrates at varying speeds. You are supposed to wear it for around 15 minutes everyday. I've personally tried it. The vibration comes in varying degrees and it completely effortless and not painful at all.

I'm not sure how that is suppose to help one slim down though. In fact, I'm not convinced that it works at all-doesn't the concept behind it sound a little farfetched to you? But then again, celebs put electrodes on their butts so then the muscles there are 'working' with no effort on their part and they look like it works. So far (its been a month?) I haven't heard of any major improvements. Either it makes very slow progress or it doesn't work. And I think its the latter.