So I've been avoiding fashion week. As much as I love it, after all the work spent last season on fashion week, I'd developed a sort of phobia towards it. So from now on, as hard as it is going to be choosing just a few collections and a few pieces to showcase, I am going to be selective. So I'm just going to skip those that are not worth mentioning or just not interesting. Plus, I'm just super tired from my first ever ski trip today. My muscles are hurting (they don't get used very often) and my bottom hurts. But def a lot of fun.

Karl Lagerfeld
I was surprised at first seeing it on the NY runway, because I could have sworn that last season it was on the Paris one! I nearly thought I was going out of my mind until Harrods Girl assured me that I wasn't and that it was only on the NY runway this season because some American company bought it. I'm babbling. Anyway, the Lagerfeld runway was very. . black. Luckily that was the only bit that resembles dear Karl (remember last season with the white shirts and all?) The collection was bold and strong-as you can see in the structured coat and the bold black and white dress- but offset with a hint of girliness with floral patterns, soft flowy materials.

I adore Temperley. Everything is just always so pretty! The intricate embroidery on each outfit is exquisite and the dresses are of course-oh so ladylike. I love the white dress with black details because it looks so bold, fun and flirty. The second dress is just classic. And the last two, too gorgeous for words.

Matthew Williamson
Finally, some COLOR! As easy as it will be dealing with the monotonic nuetral color palette of the coming seasons, it is GOOD to see some color. I love how he blended the preppy with glam, as evident in the first 2 photos, pairing the preppy (delightfully striped) v necked sweater and tweed jacket with glamorous shimmery skirts. That cutely collared tweed jacket was also presented in many variations, from long, short to yellow bow. The dresses were just darling. Worn on top of long sleeved shirts, we will definitely not get a chill come fall 06.

Ralph Lauren
If you've been reading this blog, you know I LOVE Ralph Lauren. But this time, I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have no idea what private hunting involves, but it definitely works. The signature RL olive green ruled the runway- as you can see on the shawl/cape in the first picture. Imagine, the cape can just cover your whole outfit-worn with narrow pants and you are ready to go! Plaid prints were prominently used from daywear to evening wear- which is good to know since I recently purchased a very cute plaid grey/pink blazer. I love how they put the big hat on her to make the dress more hunting-like. Again, love the glam factor. The shimmery gold skirts spicing up the plain olive outfit and the absolutely heavenly gold dress.