Yes I know, this is very late and doesn't even qualify as friday anymore. But in my defense, I was busy downtown swiping up this cute white down jacket 70% off from $290 and this gorgeous white party top 50% off. Its was an unresistible bargain. After this, I swear I will stop shopping even if they happen to be a total bargain. . . until spring break at least. By then, all the spring wear will probably be out and there won't be anything on sale, which will deter me from purchasing anything and I will be safe. Anyway, enough of my little declaration, lets get back to Milan!

Alessandro Dell'Acqua
I admit. I was going to be lazy and not write about Dell'Acqua. But then, I caught sight of his coats and just couldn't resist! The subtle embroidery at the bottom of the first coat and the cute cutting of the second coat-exquisite! And the oversized cardigan actually looked good cinched at the waist with the belt-instead of the oversized granny cardigan it could potentially be.

The Moschino collection was basically a more subdued and scottish version of their Cheap & Chic collection. Lots of bows, prints and cuteness-just with more subdued colors, subtle scottish and dotty prints, slouchy stockings and smoother, less sharp cuttings. I love how the prints are so subtle instead of being all out there, I think it adds a touch of elegance. I can totally seeing myself in the cute embroidered jacket in the second pic. And the oriental buttoned jacket combined with the subtle scottish print, creates an intriguing international flair to the look.

Dolce and Gabanna
I haven't read any reviews or such on the Dolce and Gabanna runway, but looking at the pictures, here is what comes to mind: military/sailor with a luxurious twist. The multilayered jacket illusion created in the first picture is just genius, when its actually just a coat, over a vest and pocketed pants.The gold coils and rich blue velvet-why it is actually simple! And the gold dress is just divine.

Burberry Prorsum
Christopher Bailey has truly outdone himself this time. Just when we were getting bored of the classic trench, he goes and revamps it in such a way that all I can think about is just how very much I want one of these!! The classic burberry quilted pattern and prints were given a twist, and the fur was added just perfectly that it is not too overpowering or old. Love all the trench coats, especially the white trench coat with the subtle burberry print on it. That is just beautiful!! Apart from the trench coats, asymmetrically layered tiered skirts (no, not the gypsy kind), like in the last pic, was very prominent as well. I'm still not too sure about them, they don't look too flattering. Oh and Chris Bailey is CUTE!