Glam. Frida Giannini's latest offering was most definitely that. Unlike her last collection-which was rigid and really not that flattering-composed of strong powerful colors of red hot, electric purple and gold, loose and cinched at all the right places, this collection was out there, sexy, provocative and damn hot! Here are just a few of my favourite pieces, its definitely worth checking out the whole collection.

Moschino Cheap & Chic
A brand that I've only recently come to love, Moschino Cheap & Chic just like it was last season, was flirty, fun and chic. Its interesting how it is cute and just a little bit slutty at the same time. This season, lots of patterns were used, from the flowery(?) pattern on the skirt of the first pic, to dots, leopards and what I suspect is newspaper print. All were incorporate together very cutely with lots and lots of bows everywhere from the neckline, bags to shoes. Also note the scrunched up stocking trend also prevailing over this runway. And I don't know if its just me, but does the purple leopard print skirt not look slutty to anyone else?

What can I say? Prints catch my eye. Rifat Ozbeck's collection for Pollini definitely has a lot of that. And I actually like these pretty geometric patterns, because it somehow reminds me of the persians and luxurious things. Of course, only Lily Cole will look good drenched head to toe in it. But taking these pieces one by one, it could be just the thing to spice up the otherwise neutral palette of your F/W05-06 wardrobe. The third dress looks very intriguing. Huge circular eyewear was also very prominent on this runway. Thats cool. But I just wonder if she can see through the white closed eyed contraption covering her eyes. . .