So the latest designer collection at an affordable price, Luella for Target just came out last week. And compared to this trends predecessors, I don't think it is fairing very well. To begin with of course, Target is very different from H&M. One is a high street trendy fashion chain store and one is well. . Target. Secondly, it always helps that something is "limited edition." which this collection isn't. Lastly, looking at the collection, despite being designed by a designer, it is just not very inspiring. So lets take a look.

Please do not wear this dress out in public. It may look cool right now in this picture, because its been plastered all over the place. But absolutely everyone will know where its from. And isn't the purpose of this collection to look like a million bucks at an affordable price? Also because I simply do not like this dress. It seems like it is trying to be punk and girly at the same time.

This outfit is without a doubt Luella Bartley. The fruity skirt and the printed shirt. But again, if someone wore that on the streets, I would recognize it instantly as Luella for Target, because as we know. And the skirt on its own would just look. . very candy girl cheap. Maybe the shirt though. . .

I don't know what this is. It looks like the mannequin is wearing diapers.

This is by far my one favourite piece, which I think actually achieves the purpose of the collection. Its interesting, wearable, perfect for the coming season AND ony $14.99!