Happy Birthday Darling!!! Well. . it is actually tomorrow-Feb 5, but the weekend of celebration starts today. How you manage to coordinate your birthdays with fabulous weekends away with friends I'll never know. Last year it was Oxford and this year its partying it up at Cambridge! What next? I'm just sorry I'll be missing out on all the fun-I will be there mentally. . along with these presents:

First, to prepare you for the coming season, I present you with these ss06 staples: an awesome white blouse from Marc by Marc Jacobs-your absolutely favourite.

And this white floral summer dress by Rebecca Taylor.

A big white Miu Miu bag- a favourite of Gemma's.

Fabulous gold Miu Miu sandals.

And classic gold Shaesby gold earrings to match-and your all set!

Every girl should own the famous Nars blush/bronzer duo in orgasm. It is THE color to own.

The new Stila rain and shine eye shadow palette in Rain Showers. I just got it and its awesome because the colors are so nuetral and subtle that you can use it for daily use without going over the top.

The first season of your new favourite tv series- Grey's Anatomy.

Physically speaking, the dvd of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is on its way. I feel thats kind of how we are. Maybe we should get a pair of travelling pants too. Oh and it is the widescreen edition too, so it will fit perfectly with the plasma widescreen tv you will have in your future apartment!

Have an amazing birthday!