In class today during an especially dry bit of the lecture, my eyes wandered around in an attempt to stay awake and landed on these ripped cropped jeans that this girl was wearing. And I thought, ugh. Not only is it ugly but its cold! I'm so glad that we're in the seasons of being ladylike and put together with the whole distressed jeans thing out the window. It is just one of the things about fashion that drives me NUTS!

Here is an especially good example of why I don't like it. What were the good people of True Religion thinking? This is just . . . *shudder*

Just a few more examples of ripped/distressed jeans that distresses me. This one by Dolce & Gabanna.

And this one by Elie Tahari. This one doesn't even look flattering on the model. Its like they're trying to be chic and sophisticated with the pointed heels and all, but the oh-so-carefully placed distress just completely ruins it.

And I use the word distressed here to include this monstrousity from Just Cavalli. And to match it with that top! Can we say tacky??