Blackwell's annual Worst Dressed List is out! Hmm, I must say I don't completely agree with it. Going through the list......

1. Britney Spears

To the public, 2005 was a seriously fashion-disaster year for Britney. Her clothes seem to get uglier and more tasteless each month. In her defense though, the poor girl married the so-not-cool Kevin F., put a halt on her career and had a baby, so she probably had other more important things to think of. Let's hope she gets her act together this year! (And let's be honest, she was never the best-dressed girl anyways.)

2. Mary Kate Olsen So I'm obviously going to defend her. She's 19 and I think the clothes she wears suit her perfectly. And she obviously cares more about personal style than what trends dictate because Balenciagas were the 'it' bags two turns ago and she's still carrying them, and we all know it's not because she can't afford any of the new 'it' bags. She's one star who won't dress the way fashion magazines dictate just to get be a 'trendsetter', (and this makes her a trendsetter herself.)

3. Jessica Simpson I repeat, Eww! I'm sure all her male fans disagree but she needs to stop dressing so slutty, and as Blackwell says, sack her current stylist!

4. Eva Longoria

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I'm a bit puzzled by this. You usually only see Eva photos when she's at some kind of big event or party. She's not photographed by the paps that often so I don't understand the basis for declaring her one of the Worst-dressed. From the photos I've seen, she looks pretty fantastic so...ya.

5. Mariah Carey
Obviously a year with Vogue's Andre Leon Talley didn't help much with her sense of style. Here's a little tip: Cover up more skin.

6. Paris Hilton
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Umm, I'm a bit biased since I really don't like the LA style and we all know Paris is all about the LA style. One thing worth mentioning though, I think Paris's formal dress style has improved considerably last year. Let's hope for improvements with her casual wear this year.

7. Anne Nicole Smith
She should be fighting with Mariah Carey for the Worst-Dressed Number 1 spot. Yuck yuck and yuck!

8. Shakira
Honestly, who cares how she dresses.

9. Lindsay Lohan
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I'm not a Lindsay fan or anything, but I think her outfits last year were well put together. She and her stylist are great at mixing high end fashion with street fashion. Let's face it, we're all so jealous she can afford to change her outfits three times a day and still not run out of 'looks'. And hooray to Lindsay for dressing less slutty and waaay more trendy last year than her previous years. And thank goodness she got rid of the blonde hair.

10. Renee Zellweger
Is it just me or does Renee look weird in most of the dresses she wears? The dresses she chooses are usually pretty stylish but just doesn't seem to look completely fabulous on her. Weird.