I have been brainstorming for ages of what to write as a fashion "don't". The problem with living in London is that everyone is so well dressed I can't get inspired by people in the streets. Then finally it hit me, I HATE bling!

Bling is something I have hated every since well, forever. For those who aren't completely sure what bling is, it's basically draping yourself in huge, obnonxious, overbearing jewelry. Bling is pretty much an essential in the culture of hip hip. The whole trend of hip hop was brought to a high a few years ago when performers thought it was just oh-so-attractive to wear eye-catching jewelry, whether male or female. And of course, since singers decided it was cool to wear bling, their fans thought it might be cool to imitate them too. This fugly fashion of bling also extends to styles such as wearing sportswear with bling jewelry and encrusting diamonds onto all your accessories etc.

Yuck yuck yuck! I esp hated those huge gold necklaces with the dollar sign. Talk about poor taste.

Now in 2006, we are all about the sophistication, new minimalism and quality luxuries. So unless you're a serious hip-hopper, here's the message just in case you still don't get it: Stop wearing bling!