Ideally I would be wearing something as stylish and slimming as the coats below, from Anthropologie and BCBG, to keep me warm in the winter.

However, as a girl used to subtropical winters, where winter is more of a change of wardrobe than weather, I fear that such thin looking coats will just not be enough to keep me warm under the onslaught of a Chicago winter.
As a result, I find myself turning to puffy down coats, like these two from Polo Sports, to keep me warm. And so far, they've sufficiently kept me warm on most winter days.

For the more extreme days of winter, I have in reserve a long poofy jacket that looks remarkably like this one here from North Face, except mine isn't from Northface and my hood has fur on it. And I'm happy to report that I haven't used this yet after one winter and a half, although I was tempted to today under the attack of wind and freezing ice/rain pouring on us.
But really, as practical as these poofy down jackets are, they're not exactly very flattering. So what I'm wondering is, for those of you who live in extremely cold climates, how do you keep stylishly warm in winter?