What with the finale and all, we've all had a healthy dose of America's Next Top Model lately. But today, I just wanted to bring your attention to their new judge this cycle-the international fashion icon-Twiggy.

What with all the craze about her in last few years, the movie and the mod movement, you would've thought she was dead! But obviously, since she's on the show, she's not. And unlike icons in the past who just fade away as their looks fade away, Twiggy continues to be an icon. Because come on, do you know any other 56 year old that looks like THAT? Even with the amount of plastic surgery and botox injection it probably requires to look like that at 56, it doesn't look too tight AND she still seems to be able to have a variety facial expressions-although I wouldn't have known that the girl on the left is actually the woman on the right if not for ANTM. So here, I would like to commend Twiggy and her plastic surgeon on a very impressive aging process. For more proof, check out tonight's ANTM cycle 5 "review" and watch out for Twiggy!