So the other day, I caught sight of the latest Cartier limited edition ring. And it is just THE most romantic thing!

So basically, it is two rings, the silver "cartier" one on the outside and the gold one with "love" emblazoned on it on the inside. The gold ring inside is attached to the outer one with a screw, which allows it to be completely hidden by the silver layer, or turned up to 90 degrees with it. You can wear it as a ring AND as a pendant to a necklace when its at 90 degree angles. It even comes with a black string with silver edges. As well it SHOULD since it costs over $2000USD. But I just LOVE how the word "love" is hidden behind the normal old silver layer to be revealed at choice. Its like a silent declaration of love! Wow, that sounded incredibly sappy. It must be xmas and all that love in the air. Sigh. If only my true love were to give THIS to me for xmas. . . . . . and its not just me either. It has been voted as THE most wanted xmas present by the ladies in a local magazine *hint*hint* guys ;)