Sorry for this terribly late post everyone. I just got off the plane and everything was just soo hectic and all that I just hadn't had time to update. But anyway, enough of my excuses. Today, I wanted to bring your attention to the art of shoes- literally.

We all know that shoes is an artform, and that the shoe department is an art gallery, but Mark Schwartz brings the art of shoes to a new level. Mark Schartwz is an accomplished shoe designer. Inspired by the likes of Warhol and Roger Vivier, he designed shoes for Charles Jordan, Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodmans etc, and has his own store in New York. But as if that's not enough, he is an pioneering artist exploring the grace and ecletism of footwear as a work of art! His art pieces featuring shoes as an art form are amazing. They are energetic, vibrant, abstract, compelling and incredibly chic.

I absolutely adore this piece called the Falling Sandals. Although I can't quite put a finger as to why. . . I guess art if beyond the power of words? It just makes me want to stare at it all day. . .

And these two, the Chartreuses and #5 is just fabulous, because of the simplicity and subtleness of it. Especially # 5 on the right. It subtley resembles a shoe AND the #5.

And how cool is this lampshade? At a glance it looks a little bit oriental, but on a closer look its just awesome, because they're actually SHOES!

I love the art of shoes . Check the rest of them out at Mark's website, Shoe as Idea. All fashionista's should have a piece of art like this hanging on their walls!