I almost want to end the heading with a question mark. I would never have guessed the outcome in a million years. Anyway, before I go ahead and rant about my opinions on this season, I would like to apologize to a) American readers for whom this is very old news to and b) ANTM fans overseas who didn't know about the outcome, for spoiling it for you.

Anyway, as I was saying, this cycle of ANTM is anything but predictable and boring. Who would've guessed that the girl who I didn't think would make it into the top 3 because she's incredibly annoying and childish- all that jumping around, bursting into tears, freaking out because the pigeons were peeking at her- not to mention entirely without "presence" would become America's Next Top Model? Her only saving grace is that she's gorgeous, she takes pretty pictures and I must admit, her last runway walk was pretty impressive considering how unusually hard core she looked-but seriously, that girl couldn't even remember her lines for the Cover Girl ad she was so cocky about Couldn't even FINISH it properly. Jay must be soo pissed. . .

And just like the last cycle, the one I wanted to be ANTM came out as runner up. I didn't like this girl at first. But her improvement in the last few episodes (she was the only one who was still when the pigeons came peeking) and her attitude towards the girls (i.e. staying away from that childish ridiculous fight between nicole and bre) totally won me over. But yes, her last walk as Twiggy said, was a little bit jumpy and all. Maybe the surprising end to this cycle is because there simply wasn't someone good enough in the bunch to begin with?

And then there was Bre. Ugh. I can't believe she lasted til the final three. I can't believe she managed to stay on week after week. She was just soo incredibly annoying. Her voice always sounds out of breath, her incessant preaching about how blessed she was and how god loves her etc etc, and her pety fight about her snack bars with Nicole was just ridiculous. She didn't even have proof! And she has no presence either. I was def glad she was out, because she is infintely more annoying than Nicole.

Overall, this cycle of ANTM was definitely a LOT bitchier then all the others. There were fights and breakdowns all over the place with Coryn, Lisa, Jayla, Kim, Bre, Nicole. It all struck me as incredibly fake and eye rolling. But the whole mansion in Beverly Hills, London, shopping spree at Harrods were all waaay coool.