You know how a few years ago, Bottega Veneta, a brand that has been around for ages, just started to creep up everywhere? Well the latest age old brand to creep up on us is Goyard, a french brand that has a history all the way back to 1853.

This intricate logo and signature handpainted initials and stripes represents 150 years of serving exclusive clienteles such as the likes of kings, queens, maharajahs and movie stars.

Like Louis Vuitton, it all started with the mega expensive suitcases.

And like any good mercenaries, they proceeded to ladies hangbags. The cheapest of which, is the flimsy tote bag on the left, which costs a grand total of $845. I've seen them in real life and they so do not look or feel $845.

After developing the typical styles of handbags, naturally they moved onto colors. All their styles of handbags comes in the many colors above.

And the next step? Why, exclusivity of course. They cooperated with Barneys and viola- the Barneys exclusive white Goyard bags! But I must say, love this color. Its soo much more easy to match and young then the other colors.

Apart from Barneys, these bags can now be bought at Harvey Nichols, Takashimaya and various other upper class department stores around the globe. They are even in the process of opening a new flagship store in San Francisco, right below the Westin Hotel on Union Square. See what I mean by creeping in on us?