Having unconsciously lost my huge black BCBG shades some time during the quarter (I seriously do not know when. One day I was looking for my shades and they were GONE. Not to be found anywhere) I was naturally very upset. I've only had it for a few months! But maybe the loss of my huge black shades was a sign that I should move onto other styles of shades (I also have a pair of huge white shades).

Because, surprisingly, I ended up with the latest pair of Dior aviator shades. Its not exactly like this one, the glass on mine is two pieces, not one. But its close enought. I've never considered TRYING let alone BUYING a pair of aviator shades before. But the salesperson insisted and so I did. And lo and behold, I looked GOOD. The effect is different from a pair of huge shades, more. . . aviator period (whichever decade that was) and old hollywood-ish. Remember that movie Aviator with Leo in it?-THAT period of glam.

And it seems that our friends Marc and Karl agrees with John, judging from the latest shades from Marc Jacobs and Chanel above.

YSL and Fendi also make some great aviator shades. I love the purple of the YSL one, it makes it that much more feminine.

Other choices include Oliver Peoples and this $14 pair from Urban Outfitters on the right. Its about time we moved onto something new. The mystique huge shades are starting to get old.