FINALLY. The OC is back on Thursday nights. Congratulations to the White Sox for such a timely win. I don't know what I would do on Thursday nights if they carried on playinf for any longer stopping the OC. I actually don't quite understand why they had to cancel the OC in favor of the world series. I know its a big thing in America and all, but remember that time last year when Bush made a public announcement during the OC timeslot and people complained so much he apologized for his ill timed announcement? They could also have rescheduled it at another time. I don't see why we would need to see another rerun of Seinfeld. Anywho, its over now. The OC successfully aired last night and as usual it was as awesome and fashion inspiring as always.

Summer and Marissa looking gorgeous in a pretty skirt and very cute dress both by Burning Torch. Note the thin gold belt Marissa is sporting to emphasize her waist, making it more ladylike.

Only Julie Cooper can carry off this spunky leopard dress from Nanette Lepore.

Taking charge very adorably in an Anthropologie dress. I am definitely getting one for Spring 06!

If only we all looked so effortlessly put together for school. Girly pretty on the left and more rocker chick on the right.

Oh and here's another brilliant idea for a school bag- a cute little Chanel!

Now THIS is being exiled in style. Anyway, going to go before this blog turns into another Mischa-Barton-can-wear-a-sack-gorgouesly-and-stylishly-post. Got to save that for next time right? ;)