So the other day randomly shopping, we can across one of those special ladies shopping nights at a department store and happily walked around with our gift bags, trying on shoes while sipping our mocktails. Then we came across the highlight of the shoe department: Detny by Shane and Shawn shoes.
I was first interested in these very classical looking kitten pumps called Jodi,thinking it would be perfect for everyday campus walking and they DO look comfortable. Imagine my delight when I tried them on and found that they actually ARE comfortable!

So I carried on looking and found that these sexy silver stilettos were actually comfortable too! Oh the delight for a girl to find heels that don't make her feet hurt. We can probably dance all night in them! They even had these awesome boots that are actually based on the design of these heels there. Like you can actually see the skeleton of these heels on those boots. Too bad I couldn't find a picture. They were cool.

And we have these two charming gentlemen to thank for-Shane and Shawn. Identical twin brothers. How cute is that? They were actually at the event that night as well. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet them since they were crowded by ladies vying for their attention, making it a little hard for me to approach. So I'll just have to take this chance to thank and commend two gentlemens for bring us great shoes that our feet love.