I hear it's the Thanksgiving Sales in the States today. I am so jealous of the Americans, or anyone who is in the States today. It's SO sad here at London -a lot of sales don't start until very near Christmas, or even after Christmas.

I can't believe it's already the end of November. The signs of nearing the end of the school term are showing -I haven't talked or MSNed Barneys Girl for FOUR days! That's quite a long record for us. She just finished her mid-terms and I just handed in a long essay, so we've been rather busy this week. I don't know whether to be happy that the holidays are starting soon or not. Barneys Girl is probably happily shopping in San Francisco with her mum and aunt now, and I hear The OC Season 1 calling me, so I leave you with this Shopaholic quiz, (just open in new window.) The quiz is a bit too short to be perfect, but don't you think it's rather appropriate for today?

Link to Shopaholic quiz from ElleGirl. Do come back to let us know what you are! It's all good fun. *Muah*