A few weeks ago, I suddenly realised the importance of self-pampering. I mean, life is short and I'm not going to be young forever. Ever since dying and highlighting my hair two months ago, my hair has been drier than before. And I'm absolutely freaked of split ends, so I decided that even though it was going to be costly, I deserved to get a proper hair treatment at a hair salon.

So I made a Sat afternoon appointment at the Charles Worthington London salon. The nice ladies at the salon washed my hair first and sat me down. Then they mixed a little bottle of Kerastase Resistance Concentré Vita-Ciment with a few scoops of Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Cheveux Epais. The Concentre Vita-Ciment is an intensive, concentrated formula which replaces missing or damaged inter-cellular cement of weakened hair, (see the little green bottle shown below.)
The Kerastase Nutritive Masquintinese Cheveux Epais is this amazing intensive hair mask which restores moisture into unhealthy hair, (see orange jar above.) The salon girl applied the mixture with a brush layer by layer into my hair. Then she used a hair straightener to press through each layer of hair. The reason for this is not to straighten the hair, but to use the heat to help penetrate the chemicals into the hair.
After the salon girl washed my hair and blew dry it, I was completely AMAZED by how shiny and smooth my hair looked. My hair colour totally showed up beautifully and my friends who saw me that day all noticed the shiny hair. And most importantly, my hair felt SO healthy and rejuvinated.

I totally recommend that everyone book themselves an in-salon hair treatment a few hours before your Christmas dinners and parties. It really makes a BIG difference to how your hair looks, plus you get a professional blow-dry. As the L'oreal ads say, 'Because I'm worth it'!!