Us girls cannot always expect prince charming to come to our aid when we need it (he and his white horse might be stuck in traffic), we got to have a few tricks up our sleeves just in case (traffic is so unpredictable these days). Besides its the century for kick ass girl power right? Anyway, here are a few pointers I've gathered from kick boxing classes with a professional boxer and multiple self defense lectures:

  • The first tip of course is to plan ahead, be aware and to run if necessary so as to avoid any situation where self defense is needed. That includes not listening to your ipod while walking alone in dark seedy areas and making lists in a car in the middle of nowhere by yourself (even if its locked!)-make your lists somewhere safe! Walking in threes is also a good idea. Statistically pairs are as likely to be attacked as singles, its when you get to 3 where safety really heightens.
  • Appearance is everything (also true for situations beyond safety). Walk with a purpose-which means back straight and stare straight ahead (this also gives you better posture, making anything you wear look better). Muggers are more likely to pick an "easy" unaware unconfident victim. You might also trying to scream BACK OFF very fiercely at them. However this is harder done than said. I tried it last night and its hard to scream like a shrew when you're trained to be a lady.
  • Then there is the funny walk. If you feel threaten you might consider doing a wacky funny walk. Muggers are less likely to attack a crazy loonie walking around the street. At least thats what they told me, but it may also be because they just wanted to see everyone in the room "practice" their crazy walks. . .
  • Oh yes, when running away and calling for help, scream "FIRE". When someone screams help people tend to want to stay out of the way or hide in order to avoid trouble. But when someone screams FIRE, people are naturally curious and would come and take a look just in case it was their own property on fire. Yes, its a sad world we live in.
  • And when mugged, just give them your valuables. Nothing is worth your life afterall. And chances are they're not out to kill you anyway. Throw your valuables on the floor and run in the opposite direction screaming fire!
  • Ok, so those were common sense. Now for the action-but only when absolutely needed. Contrary to Miss Congeniality, the groin is actually very difficult to attack (They're the first area a guy protects when attacked). Instead aim or the eyes, throat, shins and any hoops or piercing they might happen to have-ripped skin is painful. For eyes, flick your fingers hard into it. 4 fingers are better than 2 when poking someone's eyes. For throat, grab the neck and squeeze hard, choking the air out. For shins, stomp really hard or graze down the calf with side of your shoes. Heels are especially effective!
  • If you have a stick like weapon (like an umbrella or rolled up magazine) don't raise it over your head and try to hit. You can be easily disarmed in a battle of strengths. Instead give them a well aimed hard poke. And hold it with your hands on top of handle for a better grip and its that much harder to disarm you.
  • When asked to put your hands up, don't put it up too high. Then you could try a disarming move where you clutch the wrist of the attack with weapon to your chest for dear life, side step and bend down sideways. This supposedly should dislocate their wrists. .
  • Not that I recommend that move. When all else fails, run. An attacker only shoots their target 4 out of 100 times due to stress and tension. You could always be the lucky 96. Thats why police have training!

Wow that was quite an essay. Anyway, at the end of the day, use your common sense and stay safe and gorgeous. Remember- appearance is everything!