After seeing Harrods Girl have so much fun last week at the Billion Dollar Babes in London, I simply couldn't resist going to the one in Chicago. So yesterday my friend and I set off to the sale having mapquested the location and was hard core shopping ready. I've heard that sample sales were usually in inconspicious places, but 1956 W Grand Ave is a seriously inconspicious place. We were 15 minutes early and we drove by the block 3 times until we found it (or until they put up the huge billion dollar babe sign by the door).
Anyway, once inside it was not exactly as laden with accessories as we'd hoped. There were like NO SHOES besides Mukluks and I don't think they should count! Up the stairs we were pleasently surprised by a whole collection of Theory.

Personally I don't exactly LOVE them. But I admit, they do make the best suits and pants in the contemporary designer world. And I DO need some kind of business-y clothes. Too bad I couldn't find a black suit and pant set in my size. I DID find this cardigan for $89. Unfortunately my practical mind got the better of me and reasoned that its too cold to wear it anymore and chunky cardigans is not exactly what Theory is known for.

The rest of the clothes were not exactly my style. In the end, out of the fact that I simply MUST buy something after spending so much effort going there, I bought a victorian styled black top from Petro Zillia. I am rather fond of her, since I remembered that Marissa once wore something from Petro Zillia on the OC. Overall it was an interesting experience. I think that if they become more established in the Chicago and more brands would participate it has potential to become a shopping heaven.