The cult of America's Next Top Model seems to be ever growing. A simple search online for "top models" yields results for Australia, Britain, Thailand and probably a lot more if I keep on searching. I recently managed to get my hands on a few episodes of Britain's Next Top Model, and I must say, they must not be very well funded! I was quite disappointed. Where to start. . .

YES, houses! While America's Next Top Model gets to live in a house in Beverly Hills, especially designed for them to resemble a department store with themed bedrooms. .

Britain's Next Top Model gets to live in a spacious and very simply but chic-ly designed apartment with one room as living quarters filled with metal bunk beds. Not exactly up to the ANTM's standards. Although I do understand the London is very cramped and all, I'd like to point out that when it was held in New York they stilled lived in very awesome places with funky designs and more rooms. Maybe its the British stlye, who knows?

The photoshoots didn't seem very well equipped either, with very cramped make shift work space and well. . utter chaos. Not quite the well organised chaos we are used to seeing on ANTM.

The photos itself were not very impressive either. The models usually all have a very united theme, wearing very similar clothes and posed behind very simple backgrounds. Not very exciting at all- as you can see from this model's expression.

This one has waaay too much intensity. She just looks downright mean. And I'm must say, this outfit does not look very flattering on her. She's definitely not doing anything for me. *yawns*

This is actually one of the most interesting photos they have. And the judges actually said it was good! For me, so used the ANTM, this photo lacks intensity and connection with the audience. Still not tempted to buy that outfit.

Speaking of which, the judges themselves are pretty dull as well. Their comments were repetitive, dull and so not funny. They need to find a balance between serious and fun. Otherwise, its just boring. As if the show itself was not dragging enough, they add another 40 minutes afterwards devoted to the evictee! And if that is still not enough to put you to sleep, they have another 20 minutes devoted to confessions.That ought to do the work. Although personally I've not needed to watch the confessions in order to fall asleep. The evictee story really does the trick ;).

It makes me wonder what the quality of the show in the other countries are like.