Browsing around, I've come across this interesting trend of these metal hole embellishment on bags, so I thought I'd share it with everyone. I was tempted to call this, "Metal Holes", but Harrods Girl informs me that this is a variation on studds. Hence "Studd Bags II."

So as usual, the trend was started by the leader of the pack: Muiccia Prada. Or at least that was when metal holes caught my attention anyway. After that I just started to see it everywhere, Chloe, Todds. .

. . Luella. And this one from Luella is actually very cute! Plus, I recently just found my perfect belt which also has these metallic holes in it. So I'm thinking, yes, these metal holes are here this season and not an abberation on Muiccia's part. They add intrigue and dimension to the everyday studds we're so used to.

I also found this really fab one with metal holes on the handles from Nordstrom! When I first saw it, I thought it was from some super fantastic and insanely expensive brand!And then there are these similar looking ones from They even look big enough for school!

Anyway girls, enjoy the trend while it lasts!