When I heard about this movie, I was really excited! I mean, it DOES have Nicole Kidman in it and the suspense story of eavesdropping on an assasination plan and then finding herself the target of assasination as well doesn't sounds too bad either. I know it came out in April, but I hadn't gotten around to watching it properly until recently-and boy was I disappointed. I didn't manage to finish the movie and finally stopped after 1 hour. And apparently I wasn't the only one who couldn't finish the movie-Harrods Girl couldn't accomplish the feat either and stopped after 5 minutes!! It was confusing and hard to follow, and after a while we just didn't know what was happening anymore. No wonder the DVD is already out!

The only saving grace was that Nicole Kidman is a fabulous actress and I just absolutely LOVE her dress sense. She just looks so chic whatever she wears. I can't wait to see Bewitched!