Fabulous denim, ie. jeans that cost $150+, are always on our "Want/ Must have" lists, so the smart people behind the jeans bring us something slightly new every season. Maybe it's the Miu Miu effect, it seems like many denim brands are putting out embroidered jeans this season. For jeans, they are unusually colorful and very upbeat. Some of them are fantastic, and the others are just... sort of tacky.

Antik Denim Flared Saddle-Blanket Jean: This one is shockingly colorful not only of the backpockets, but also the whole jean. It's great if you're going for the lux hippie look, but not so great for this season's feminine, dark trends.

Antik Denim Floral Jeans: These backpockets are special in that they are different -in a stylish way. I like the simple colors of the embroideries and the patterns. This will look great with some of those fifties-inspired flowy tops which are being sold in many stores' fall collections.

Chip & Pepper Sorority Girl Nirvana Jeans, Rainy River: This pair is even more hippie-styled than the first Antik denim one shown, except this one is more laid-back and effortless.

Chip & Pepper Sorority Girl Nirvana, Sweetheart: Sceams 'I'm Miss spoilt & popular'.

True Religion Bobby Flared Jeans: This pair is soo pretty! This pair would actaully look amazing with an oh-so-fashionable simple white/ ivory Victorian shirt or a black voluminous top. So sweet and darling!

Embroidered jeans are obviously much harder to match outfits with than simple jeans. If the embroideries are colorful, the key is to wear plain-colored tops. Limit your accessories and do remember to match your shoes as well!

So are embroidered jeans worth buying? My verdict is that if you're looking to buy a pair of staple jeans to last more than a season, then no. I'm sticking to plain jeans for the sake of my budget. But if you really like them (and you're rich,) then go ahead and indulge!