Today, New York Times published an article about fashion blogs: Online, Feisty Critics. And inside it, you can see plenty of I am Fashion inside: moi was interviewed and Barneys Girl was photographed!

However, the article didn't exactly give off the right impression of what I said, (actually my words were quite twisted.) Here are a few clarifications:

1. The article made it sound like we only ever critisize fashion, which is totally not true. We gush over fashion more than anyone we know, and sure we comment negatively about things every now and then, but anyone who reads our blog regualrly, or just a few posts will see that we mostly ooh & aah over the clothes, beauty, ads...!

2. The only 'commercial' thing we've done is give our darling readers a discount code to shop online. We most definitely knew that Jockey could have profited from it, (gees, we have studied Economics you know,) but we thought hey, maybe our readers would like special discount without waiting for sales. And it's not like we featured the right photo in the blog anyways!

3. Anyone who knows anything about business, or even simply from common sense will know that studying Accounting & Finance does not produce only "an accounting student." And thanks so much for making me sound so dumb -I feel like I'm in Legally Blonde!

4. In the interview, I distinctly remember saying that I am Fashion is NOT planning to go commercial or accept ads because it will affect our editorial direction, (and because the html involved will be too complicated for us!) So no, there are no "no obvious ads" in our blog -unless you think "my trusty eyeliner is MAC" is a "no obvious ad."

5. ALL the beauty products reviewed in this blog have definitely been used by us, (we probably also own the products.) And when we recommend beauty products to use to create a certain 'look' (see yesterday's post's on eyeliner and mascaras,) we have actually tried, own and love those products. If we're not happy about any of the products, then trust me, you'll hear from us!

Regardless, we're still MEGA-excited and happy to be mentioned in the Style section of a big, real newspaper. Barneys Girl and I celebrated this with one other friend by enjoying a tea buffet at Conrad Hotel -absolutely delicious!

Oh yes, and on a final note, today is the first day of New York fashion week (-can't wait to see the clothes for next season!) We'll be commenting on what we love and hate about the shows so come back soon! *Muah*