The Sept issues of various magazines are all seemingly telling you similar yet different trends. The most popular "eyes" that we should be donning this season are the 60s' mod eyes, glacial/ shimmering shadows, fake lashes and either a dark hue of bronze, plum or green shadow. Before you panic about which makeup you should buy, just narrow the trends down to your favourite and suitably practical one.

This is definately one of my favourtie ads this season. When I first saw this Moschino ad in the Aug magazine issues, I just paused and gaped at it for so many minutes. I spent quite awhile studying the eye makeup- the thick black eyeliner, the mega dramatic lashes and beautiful, volunimous one-sided pony tail. So striking, so grand.

For this season, I'm all for the 60s black eyeliner and big lashes look, (not mod.) Here are some inspiration from the catwalk:

Eyes above from the FW05 fashion shows by Alessandro Dell'Acqua (2), Christian Dior (1) and Dolce & Gabbana (1).

This season, all you really need is a reliable eyeliner, a thickening and lengthening mascara, and maybe fake lashes. Do NOT use strong lip colors with this look unless you use light color eye shadow to balance the colors out. Simply use pale pink lip colors. Here's my pick of essentials this season:

1. Use a smudge-proof, water-proof, everything-proof eyeliner to line your eyes. My trusty eyeliner is MAC powerpoint eyepencil. If you have circle-shaped eyes, then you should wing out at the outeredges slightly. If it's for daywear, then don't draw the eyeliner too thick.

2. Use an eye-curler (like this Shu Uemura one) to curl the lashes, and swipe on a layer of mascara primer. (I like the Lancome Cils Booster.) Using a mascara primer really helps put in more volume to the lashes.

3. The lastly of course the most important of all- mascara! Swipe and squiggle on the mascara immediately after the primer. I'm using the Diorshow one at the moment and think it really makes your eyes look more dramatic. (I've recieved loads of compliments becaues of it!) I've also tried the Estee Lauder Magnascopic mascara -it's another good pick to add volume into those lashes.

And the only last piece of advice is: put all this black makeup on elegantly! Too much of the eyeliner or if the makeup is not put on carefully, you'll end up looking cheap and vulgar, and err, you probably don't want that!