There is a "luxury" version of everything, from luxury towels to luxury bags. When it comes to luxury mobile phones, Vertu phones are definitely on the top of the list.
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Made of 69.25 carat pure scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, hard wearing ceramic fit for space shuttles, jewelled ruby bearing to support each key and around the clock/world concierge service, each phone costs a whooping $20000!! Roughly that is- and no I did not accidently typed in an extra zero.
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And for the Paris Hilton's of the world, they even made a limited edition 2005 one in pink, with soft pink backlighting and hand embossed pink leather!
But for those who are not mega rich, Nokia (who also owns Vertu) created the Nokia 8800 series based on Vertu phones. It has an impressive 5 megapixel camera, scratch-resistant glass screen, high quality stainless steel body, stunning color display and a very cool and fun to play with sliding design. Plus the price is only $1000, 1/20 of Vertu's price. So I guess this is the not-so-luxurious luxury phone?