If you've once again been put onto the waiting list for the relaunched Paddington at Chloe, maybe it is time to face the fact that waiting lists for items such as luxurious bags works in mysterious and highly suspicious ways, and that it is time to look for more available alternatives.

When first rejected from the original Paddington waiting list, it was suggested that a Mulberry bag was just as popular. I must say,there is definitely a resemblance between the two. And the Mulberry is a darn sight easier to get a hold of!

And lastly, this Luella Gisele bag has just recently made it to my list of Chloe Paddington alternatives. Upon first seeing it, I'd already pegged it as a "lookalike" of all the recent "it" bags. But on closer inspection, this bag is really quite a darling, with its adorable heart shaped tag adding a vey Luella touch to it!

Anywho, if your still waiting for that Paddington, its time to think about an alternative before the season moves onto yet another "it" bag.