This fall, one of the best ways to stay warm but still look chic is with the newsboy cap. And by newsboy cap, I mean the rounder, fuller, puffer kind-not the flat version the fashionable farmer is wearing (although they can be worn quite stylishly as welll). Having been popular in the early twentieth century, this cap again embraces the victorian heritage feel that I'm all for this season.Personally, I've been wearing my plain black suede newsboy cap for a long time now (they are ever so cute) but here is the new, more updated takes on the newsboy cap.

Take one: the plaid newsboy cap worn by Mischa Barton in the new Ked's ad. What more can I say? Where Mischa goes, we all follow.
If we are to embrace victorian heritage and plaid, we must go to the master of heritage-Burberry, who else?
But I'm also loving this newsboy cap (and this look overall) from Bloomingdales by Helen Welsh. THIS is what I want to look like this fall.
Then there are also the more fashionable-farmer style Prince of Wales check plaid. Available in both US AND UK from Urban Outfitters and Accessorize respectively.

Take two: for a more modern style, the plain black leather detailed newsboy cap found on Dior and Dolce &Gabanna's runway this season. The shiny material brings and the slightly to the side way it is worn, brings a definite modern cool chic twist to the classic newboy.
Try this newsboy cap by Accessorize. Like Dolce & Gabanna's cap above, this one too has the added button holding a corner of the flap of the cap up, bringing something more to the classical newsboy cap. I'm loving this one, why, it'll match with practically any outfit!