After a world-trotting boho themed summer, the fashion industry continues to move us into a world-trotting winter. But this time, instead of using summery themed prints like ethnic Africa and safari, we wear cold country's clothes. Think of the old and cold Russian and English type of prints.

What does this mean? For the Russian: Expect imperial, well tailored clothing; fur-trimmed collars and sleeves; and serious opulent embroideries. The mood is much colder -not only in the sense of temperature, but the feeling, like it's void of emotion with a serious luxurious feel.

The ultra-furry Russian hat: Anna Sui and Dolce & Gabbana
The opulent embroderies: Miu Miu and Roberto Cavalli
The cold, imperial coats: Giorgio Armani and J.Mendal

For the English: This means a whole lot of designs, including the monochrome 60s, 'heritage' sweaters and Victorian designs. A lot of these designs also tend toward the 'cold' factor -very obviously different from the fun boho mood this summer. Here's a few inspiration for the various English looks:

Heritage: Paul Smith and Chanel
Monochrome 60s: Christian Dior and Chanel
Victorian Lady: Chloe and Jean Paul Gaultier