Remember Le Sportsac? It's the bag company that made the first LAMB bag series. Even though Le Sportsac doesn't produce the LAMB bags anymore, it started a similar concept sort of bags, the Remix Collection. We quite liked the Spring/ Summer 05 collection, in which Barneys Girl bought a white/gold one. And we were quite looking foward to see the Fall collection.

To be honest, I am not overly impressed with the new collection. Do the designers not know that street-like designs such as graffitis haven't been in style for the past few years? And even though the charm on the bag can also serve as a charm braclet, it's not making me excited. As if I would even wear that as a braclet.

The graffiti pattern also comes in this platiunum color. I like this color more because it makes the graffiti less obnoxious. But there is the problem that if you don't look at the bag closely, it just looks like you're carrying a messy grey blob.

This bag (called Goa) is one of the new shapes in the collection. I don't really like the buckle, but the black nylon with the black leather does give it a certain touch of elegance. It is suitable for maybe like a casual dinner out in the neighbourhood, (but do not bring it to an expensive restaurant!)

This is my favourite bag from this collection. I can see myself holding it to a nice dinner and then clubbing. Why? This new color called Moonbeam ("a feminie lilac",) looks like it will be perfect for the ever-changing lighting inside clubs. I can imagine the bag reflecting the light. I can't wait to check it out in real life so I can decide whether to buy it or not.