After certain celebrities decided to not just sing and act, (not all too well may I add) but to also dominate the covers of fashion magazines as well, they decided to expand their empire to fashion design. While it is understandable that celebrities have to dress fashionably, it is just pushing the line when they all claim that they have always wanted to be fashion designers and are delighted to be able to sell their own designs. Translation: Celebs know that millions of unquestioning fans will rush to buy those so-called fashionable celeb-designed pieces.

With JLo, oh wait I meant, Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface, stealing the fashion headlines of the NY fashion week a few weeks ago, it has become more and more obvious that celebrities are stepping into unwelcomed territory, a territory that was previously exclusive to professional fashion designers.

In terms of female fashion, Jennifer Lopez, Mandy Moore, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani, Jessican Simpson, Beyonce and Mariah Carey have all joined the designer club so far. Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface is well, very Jennifer-like. If you actually want to look like an exact replica of her, (which btw dressing un-uniquely is so unfashionable these days) then go support her.

Mandy 'I'm constantly searching for the perfect T-shirt, so I figured I'll just create my own' Moore has just launched her very own line of basic T-shirts. In fact, the T-shirts are so basic and simple that we question whether any thought had been put into them at all. Not to mention that super long T-shirts are NOT flattering to all body types.

Despite our dislike of these celeb designers, we will admit that Gwen Stefani does have an innate feel for design. So she and her LAMB collction gets our stamp of approval. Jessica, Beyonce and Mariah Carey have yet to present their collections, but we def do not look foward to seeing them. We ask them all to leave the art of fashion designing to REAL fashion designers.